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    First hang -- Comanche Peak Wilderness (CO), Zimmerman Trail

    Headed out to Zimmerman Trail in the Comanche Peak Wilderness this weekend to try out my new Warbonnet Blackbird. It was my first backpacking trip without a tent. I must say it was such a success, I foresee a half dome on Ebay in the near future

    Thanks to everyone on the forum who helped with newbie questions, especially G.L.P. and gunner76. I ended up going with the blue waffle Walmart pad that gunner76 suggested. I tucked it in the sleeve on the double layer blackbird. With my sleeping bag unzipped and pulled over top like a quilt, I was extremely comfortable throughout the night. I didn't notice any overheating. The only time I felt the least bit cold was when my elbows touched the sides of the hammock that were not protected by the pad.

    Here are some pictures from the trip!

    Getting read to head out at the Zimmerman trail head, located at the very end of Crown Point Road at a little over 10,000'.

    We decided on the North Zimmerman Trail after hearing tales of a lush mountain meadow along the trail. The trail is quite easy, although we found quite a few dead trees across the path. Here the troops are heading out on the first leg of the trail.

    Sure enough, after a few miles we came across a gorgeous meadow.

    We made camp just off to one side of the meadow. Can you spot the blackbird?

    There it is!

    Another hanger was among us, here is his setup.

    Two guitars and a mandolin, along with three talented bluegrass players, made for some great fireside music.

    One last shot of the meadow. The few clouds disappeared as night fell and we spent a very enjoyable portion of the evening laying out in the meadow and doing some stargazing. The amount of stars we could see was nothing short of amazing. It was an experience I will never forget.

    Overall it was a great one nighter and left me looking forward to more hangs in the near future!

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    man what I wouldnt give to live in colorado
    Dale Gribble: I'm thinking, "new hammock." For me, laying and swaying in a hammock is like a steady morphine drip without the risk of renal failure.

    Randy : yea but just remember yer roots and where ya come got Hennessy in yer blood son......

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    Beautiful photos with some great friends. Can't beat that!


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    Quote Originally Posted by NewtonGT View Post
    man what I wouldnt give to live in colorado
    Amen. Love that meadow!
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    Hi zekemon, welcome to the forum from another hanger in Colorado.
    Great trip report and photos.
    What a beautiful stream running thru that meadow.
    Props to the gal who packed in her guitar.

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    There are some beautiful places in the Appalachians where I do all my camping, but I do enjoy seeing some of the beauty that the Rockies have to offer. I am forced to live vicariously through the photos of my western hiker kindred spirits. Great job and excellent pics!
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    And whither then? I cannot say."
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