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    Question Here's the scenario.. U Make the Call..

    Colorado Early September @ 10,500+ ft... Average monthly temps near our location. September Avg High=57.0 F Average low=33.0 F Record High=81.0 F Record low= 13.0 F (09/19/1971--09/14/1990)

    You have a 0 degree marmot or a 15 degree marmot bag to choose from. The 15 degree saves you 1.5 pounds of weight and you already have a heavy load to carry so saving weight is good.. You typically get cold easy when sleeping as well. you will be sleeping in a Clark NX-250 with either a thin sleeping pad under you or perhaps you upgrade to the z-liner..

    Anyway just worried I could get cold this time of the year and not sure what bag to pack or if I need to upgrade to the z liner from clark or an UQ.. choices choices and $$ it cost. Thanks for any advice for those that have had the same choices.. flame

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    If you have sufficient clothing you can get away with the 15 degree bag. Just be prepared to wear your clothes to bed. Extra socks and a fleece hat will do wonders. If you want to sleep in your skivvies take the warmer bag.

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    If you know you're a cold sleeper already...plan on dealing with that as something of a priority.

    Either pack the 0 degree bag, appropriate sleep attire, or go with the 15 degree bag and add in additional insulation to the mix as well.

    I normally use a 15 degree military issue ICW bag. I'm also a cold when/if I suspect it's gonna get cold, I usually carry a poncho liner with me as well. My wonderful wife bought me a 20 deg bag that's half the weight of my issue bag, so I'm looking forward to testing that out this winter...but plan on having that poncho liner on warm standby in case it doesn't cut it.

    This is one of those calls that you kinda gotta make yourself...hard for others to know how hot or cold you sleep.

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    15 degree Marmot. Plus any clothes you have with you as needed.

    All Marmot bags I have had I considered to be warmer than rated, though I did not consider myself a cold sleeper. Way more likely to get the average low than the record, but it is a gamble.

    Probably more important is back warmth. Not that familiar with what you are using there. Just make sure you have plenty for your back.

    Are your bags synthetic or down? If synthetic, and if you get inside the bag, you will pick up a few extra degrees of back warmth.
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    Yes, I agree with you folks, Its a hard call the 15 degree bag is brand new and I want to try it out. But September in Colorado at 10,000 feet it can get cold fast from a freak storm. I think if i had a pad under me or if I get a z-liner before I leave I would be plenty safe with the 15 if not the zero may be making this trip..

    Both bags are down bags. the 15 degree is a 900 fill and the zero bag an 850 fill I believe.
    I also have a thin insulated 80-grams of Primaloft One synthetic down jacket and other light clothing including a stocking cap.

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    Either bag should be fine.
    What bothers me is the "thin sleeping pad"
    Don't underestimate the need for a good UQ.
    With a good UQ you can get by with less TQ/SB

    A tarp with good coverage would also be highly recommended.

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    As others have said, better insulation under you is be far more effective than warmer top insulation.

    I'm a warm sleeper and I'd be wanting more underneath TBH. A down UQ will weigh less than a pound probably and so you will save weight and be warmer.

    A trick I use to boost warmth is to zip up my jacket and put it over my feet and knees-its free insulation.

    You will find that an UQ negates the need to get in the sleeping bag and because the down is lofted more above you used as a quilt, it'll be warmer too.

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    or you could wait till you get close to the trip.. watch the weather in that area... and then pick the bag needed for the job

    thats what i would do....
    It puts the Underquilt on it's hammock ... It does this whenever it gets cold

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    Well my dad decided to make the trip with us. So I'm going to let him carry my zero degree bag and Im going to use the 15 degree bag. I guess I need to decide to use the thin foam pads I have or upgrade to the z-liner or an under quilt. although I hate to spend the money on one. I do have several old sleeping bags that I could change over into some sort of zliner or under quilt..

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