Well, now that I own a hammock, I thought it only be prudent to be a HF member.

My name is Brandon, but the handle is Ramius (Marco Ramius - Hunt for Red October). I have been a canoe tripper here in Ontario Canada since a child and continue these trips even still. I love the outdoors and starting to enjoy hammocks.

I am planning more SOLO canoe trips in the future and have decided the weight and pack size and no poles of a hammock is a great solution. I bought a Hennessy Expedition Zip (Not a fan of the womb hammock) from MEC (Canada REI) this week.

I set this up in my back yard (albeit my wife thought I was weird for sleeping in it last night) and believe I may enjoy this hammocking thing. It setup pretty easy, but before purchasing this, I have seen a million ways of hanging this unit. Before I get to modding everything too far, I decided to use the two ascender rings on the provided straps and keep the factory ropes for now.

I had to fart around with the provided rain fly as I didn't feel it was really big enough to keep the rain out. As I found this wasn't an issue at all during the thunderstorm we had last night. I wanted to really test this before my trip next weekend.

I stuffed my Big Agnes insulated pad blown up about half. Boy what a PAIN! I farted with this too for some time before I got it underneath me and laying asym. Once I got this sorted the sleep was good, although broken by the large claps of thunder.

Part way thru the night I did have to get out re-establish the mat and try again. I wont bring this mat on the trip seeing as we are going to be in 15-20c weather for lows and I was uber warm with only my +5c sleeping bag ontop of me. If anything I was too hot.

Anyway - a big thanks to all of you who helped thru videos articles etc in choosing my hammock.