Y'know, bein' a newbie to hammocks, UQ's look kinda half-baked. The full UQ's make sense to me, but the partial ones look like trouble-- sliding around, air gaps, not quite enough, or too much. $200 and your feet are still cold? What is THAT all about?

Seems to me that a full UQ body with modular pods, pockets or layers would be cool-- hopefully WARM. I want something that will zip, snap, or Velcro onto my hammock, stay put, and be easlily stowed for travel. All the fiddling with shock cords and mitten hooks and other gizmos is weak. I want to select for a variety of temperature ranges and weather, just like I do with a sleeping bag. C'mon guys, this is the 21st Century!

IMHO, anybody that manufactures a hammock for use in temperate and colder climates without a fitted and coordinated bottom insulation system is only making half a product. It's like selling a car that no one makes fuel for--- looks nice, but you aren't going anywhere with it.

{end rant}