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    CCF are handy to use because they are cheap and can be cut up. If you can sew or knows someone who does you can make a SPE or segmented pad extender and use cut up CCF pieces to create flexible and wider bottom insulation. Inflatable pads work but an issue with them is the width resulting in potentially cold shoulders.
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    My last two (and first two) hangs I have used my thermarest guidelite with minimal inflation. Temps in the low to mid 50s with my sleeping bag have given me comfy sleep. I don't like the pad slipping however. An UQ is in my future.

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    I use a Thermarest Z-rest 3/4 pad in my 1.7 double and like it fine. I find that when used with a UQ, the setup of the UQ is just not that critical. With the pad, all sins are forgiven.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wisenber View Post
    The R value of a Prolite is 2.2. That alone would yield about 25 F degrees of insulation. So 45 F would be about the limit alone. A Prolite Plus has an R value of 3.8, so that would be good for another 20 degrees colder than a standard Prolite..

    Using a pad in a hammock does not provide the same amount of insulation as when used on the ground. The camper, pad and ground will reach an equilibrium as the ground beneath you is not moving. In a hammock, an equilibrium is not found since air will continue to be replaced under the hammock.

    Those figures do not take into account any insulation provided underneath by extra layers of clothing or the bottom of a sleeping bag.
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