Speaking of using biners...On my HH I attach a biner to each tree hugger which is wrapped like the pix above in headchange4u's first post with one loop of the tree hugger going through the other loop and then cinched. Make sure the open end of the biner gate is facing the hammock and the hinged end of the biner is towards the tree. Then wrap several (3 to 4)figure eights of the suspension rope using the clip. Tie it off with a slippery half hitch. It's a pretty quick set up and hasn't slipped on me yet. The clip on the biner allows for easy adjustments and a quick release when breaking camp. It's easier than trying to go through the loops of the tree hugger with the rope...especially when it's a little cold and the fingers aren't working. The biners also give me a place to clip ditty bags, etc. You could probably get away with shorter ropes since you're not doubling back to a ring.