I have searched for places to buy cinch buckles, I actually got a bunch of hits in this section.

But....Each one of them that had searched for them....got them from a really awesome member that had them laying around. And the question was never answered. Which is really cool, actually.

I am looking for the Onrope type in a 1", Or the triangle style cinch buckles in 1". What vendors have you found selling them?

Why? I use poly pro white tube strap (Double thick/ strong) And standard triglides don't work.

I currently have whoopies on an extra long hammock and the required distance is crazy, a minimum of ~20feet! Which screws up the hang angles. I could cut down the whoopies but the cinch buckles seem to be far simpler way to deal with it.

I use this hammock as a loaner anyway, I need a simple way to adjust so I don't have to babysit the people borrowing it.