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    help!! im lost in UQ ****

    I have read a lot of uq reviews and I'm lost.

    I own a HH a-sym, and a eno doublenest... I like both. I have a kelty 0 bag and used it last year and camped in my HH down to 34 degrees. I'm wanting to be more comfortable though, so I want a UQ. I would like one that would work with both hammocks.

    I like the eno ember...the jrb...the peapod...heck I like them all. Money is an issue, as most people..I'd like to get a good deal. Weight isn't a factor for me really. My HH is the zip one.

    Can you help?

    I need a good tarp too...but we will save that for another time.

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    Paul at Arrowhead Equipment is having a sale right now (2nd anniversary!) and his Jarbridge (I think) synthetic is on sale for $80. Very good deal. Should do you fine.
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    Do you have a link? I can't get any links to work when I Google that.

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    look in the vendors section under arrowhead equipment. Paul has a thread right now about the sale.
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    I won't be picking one before the sale is probably over. I do know that I want full length.

    Anybody have any more ideas or opinions??

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    Quote Originally Posted by juddmyers View Post
    I won't be picking one before the sale is probably over. I do know that I want full length.

    Anybody have any more ideas or opinions??
    Not really ( from me ) except to say that there are "too many" good choices, so to speak. At least too many to make a choice simple and easy. OTOH, it will be hard to go wrong if dealing with the often used quilts you see mentioned here.

    You mentioned PeaPod. A superb choice IMO. However, maybe not the absolute best choice for your HH unless you feel you can get that net well out of the way. It doesn't (with a zip model) make it an unusable combo, but might cause more than normal top gap on the net side, which may not even be a problem depending on what clothing or summer weight top quilts you have available to fill the gap. But I have not tried the PeaPod with a zip model HH. If it does work with your hammock, it is about the most guaranteed draft free approach I have found, with lots of built in head warmth. It weighs about the same as one 20*F UQ+ one TQ. But depending on the hammock used and resulting top gap, won't be quite as warm on top as that 20F TQ. But then again, drafts and or cold air sinking below the quilt due to poor fit just won't be a problem.

    I have used JRB MWs, and they are wonderful, what else can I say- they work. Just get a good hood and TQ that is wide enough to keep well tucked and draft free ( or use your regular sleeping bag) and you will be warm. It is a pretty simple and bomb proof UQ, and even more so when used on a JRB BMBH!

    I have used a synthetic version of the WB torso Yeti. It is again: Great. It is probably about the lightest approach used with a thin leg pad ( or your pack) when cold enough to be needed. Fit and adjustment is critical- I mean having it tight enough and adjusted- after getting in the hammock- so that it is just right on your shoulder. And it, or you, can move from the sweet spot during the night. But, there are some tricks for minimizing these potential problems.

    Then there are the Hammockgear products, which I have not tried, but they have consistently super high ratings, so I have little doubt they are at least equal to all of the above.

    And finally, most likely for your HH only, there is the HH Super Shelter. I remain quite a fan of this approach, and there are several more folks here who agree with me. But unlike any of the above, there are also a few folks who they just don't work at all for. But if it does work for you, you will be warm some where between 20 and 40, or much colder temps if you add a jacket or something you are not sleeping in to the system. And it is the only system that- at the same price and weight- provided significantly improved wind and side ways rain/snow/fog protection with the included UC.

    So there you go, no help at all. Sorry, I can't really rate any of the above choices higher than the others unless under some specific conditions. They all probably have their pros and cons. But OTOH, you can't go wrong with any of the above (including the HHSS if you are in the lucky group it works for). I have slept warm and comfy in all of them. Including my record 10*F ( ok, not very cold compared to some of you guys, but I am in MS for goodness sakes- cut me some slack! ) in the JRB below all by itself, and a Pea Pod with just the addition of a space blanket. And I have been plenty warm at 14 ( no tarp, wind chill 6) in a HHSS with kidney/torso pads + a down jacket and fleece jacket below- both of which I would probably have with me anyway on a winter trip.

    So enjoy your abundant choices!
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    Billybob makes some great points, All the vendors on here make great gear/UQ its just a matter of which ones fits your needs the best and for me it's hammock gear for other it's may be something else. I cant speak for the pea pod cause I have never used one but have used Hammock Gear quilts for a long time now. I have used several Hammock Gear UQ both the incubator and phoenix and love them both. They have kept me warm down to their ratings and below. The 20 degree incubator is the one I have and I absolutely love it. The craftsmanship and quality are top notch and the new design is so innovative and creative. I don't have the new design but have heard wonderful things about it. The incubator would work very nicely with both the hammocks you have. I also think it's the cheapest full length down UQ out their in your temp range but don't quote me on that one but I am pretty sure. Now synthetic is def going to be cheaper then down and in that case I'd go with one of Paul's over at arrow head equipment. But if you want a down UQ the one I would look at very closely would be the incubator and if and when I buy another full length UQ it will certainly be an incubator. But that's just IMHO and in reality you cant really go wrong with any of the vendors on this site it really is a matter of what fits one's needs, style of camping and just overall preference. Some people are partial to JRB other Warbonnets UQ, TE-WA, Leigh Lo, Arrow Head, (sorry if I forgot any one) but me I am partial to Hammock Gear quilts.
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    Little late, but wanted to say thanks for all the help!

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