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    Quote Originally Posted by Fiddleback View Post
    "Sleep systems and the performance of their individual parts are highly individual and highly matched to the regions/climates where they're to be used and the conditions to be faced. Further, change one part and the relative performance of the others change. Posters and responders need to always keep that in mind."FB
    This is true not only for sleep systems, but also many things related to what we do. I seldom phrase any advice I give here in absolute terms because individual experiences and needs vary dramatically. Occasionally it seems people want absolute answers when in reality the "fiddle factor" combined with our own individual needs have a lot to do with what works. Granted there are parameters, but few absolutes. Experiment, hanging is dynamic, and we are constantly tuning, changing, adapting based on need, budget, time, etc. Good advice Fiddleback.
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    I refer to this as the idiot factor. No, not you, me. I am an idiot. I don't mean to say I have less than average knowledge, I'm just that stereotype sitcom, guy idiot.

    I rush things. I don't pay attention. I fall over the guy line I just put in the ground.

    If I were to expect the same results from advice of someone say, Grizz or Shug, I would be disappointed because I do not have the same level of practice and understanding of said technique so I would get different results.

    All that being said, I think we expect a perfect result because we are so hopeful to have an enjoyable time. It's like grilling or anything else, time and practice.
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