It's no secret the built in search function of the site isn't the best. Some people know about the trick of typing "" into Google, and then whatever they want to search for after to get better search results, but I'd presume most users aren't aware of this. Adding a Google Custom Search Bar to the site shouldn't be that difficult, and would be a great tool for all users! Here's the page about it.

I'm not too tech savvy when it comes to building webpages, so I don't know if this is easy, hard, impossible, or somewhere in between, but if it can be done, at the least, I'd sure be appreciative!

Also, for Google Chrome users, with the search bar added to the site, you can start typing "" in the URL bar, and after a few characters when it recognizes the site, you should be able to hit tab, which will automatically jump to a custom search of the site in the same bar. Then type your search query, and viola, efficient HF searching goodness! (You can try this with Youtube.)

Thanks for listening!