I snuck out this morning to do 4 mile hike and my oldest son tagged along ,, he said I need a baby sitter....

The walk went well, I had intenionly loaded up with gear and water, to see if I could hump it all....

And I got to play with my DIY water filter bag.. ( My version of the Sawyer filter and a bladder bag.)
The filter and bottle was $30.00 from Walmart and the bladder was $4.88 from Academy.

I had cut the tube and inserted the inline filter

Here is some water that I pre filtered through a paper coffee filter,, it is still nasty and murky.

This is that same water from the above picture , that was run through the gravity filter.

It will run 32 oz in under 2 minutes.

The weight of this rig is .54

So far so good,,, I haven't had to sit on the crapper yet this evening....