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    Got back home yesterday. No rocking, no swinging, no cool wind under my tarp, no view over the lake, no morning splash in the freezing water, no snakes, no need for 'special techniques' to poop, no mosquitos, no fire, no woodchopping, no killerwasps hiding in a tree, no mushrooms, no food in a tube,...

    No fun! I wanna get out there again!

    I would like to thank:
    - Swede & family for the hospitality and the arrangements. Great job! We felt right at home. You guys are a great team.
    - Hank for his pure awesomeness, the cognac and the great stories of Swedish topless women although he never did manage to find some on this trip.
    - Piotr and Kitty for their company and keeping the pace low. Otherwise we would have been in Gnesta on monday afternoon.
    - Dutch for all the tips & tricks, great stories and great laughs. And for the soothing sound of snoring which, I'm pretty sure, kept all the wolves, moose and bears away.
    - Joz for being such a great example. It really looked like you've been canoeing and hammocking for all your life. And thanks for the invitation to come up to the north for the winter Skaho some day. That sounds really nice.
    - And special thanks to Sofia for the extra work of sewing the tarp and getting a bugnet for Jasper. Too bad the bugnet didn't do the trick but I think we changed Jasper from 'Hell no! You can give me 20 more hammocks if you want, but I'm bringing the tent on this trip!' to 'I slept pretty good that first couple of hours. Maybe I'll invest in a bugnet and bring this thing to Italy with me.'

    Thanks all and see you next time!
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