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    Any one using the ECWS modular sleep system in thier hammock?

    I've been looking at the modular sleep system as an alternative to an expensive UQ. The gortex bivy along with the layered sleeping bags would , in theory keep the wind out and thus eliminate the CBS (cold butt syndrome).....of course thats just a theory. Any one out there using the ECWS_MSS with their hammock? If so, how is it working out/not working out for you?
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    I never considered using mine. It was a gift and I used it twice for, dare I say......tent camping. It's an excellent system, but I did get a bit of CBS on an air mattress. Those things suck the heat out of you anyway and it was around 25 deg both nights. For the weight penalty alone, I would not even think of taking it hammock camping. Unless you're car camping. It's pretty "fluffy" too. I'd think it might be uncomfortable in a hammock. You could always use part of it for an underquilt and the rest as a TQ.
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    Any of the bag that you are laying on, and therefore compressing, will not insulate you very well. Besides that, getting into a sleeping bag in a hammock is a trick in itself. Both of these reasons are why Top Quilts (TQ) are used by the majority of hammock hangers. Someone on here has posted that they step into their bag first, then lay over into their hammock. I'm guessin' that would be the best way to do it if you use the ECWS.

    If you did rig up some sort of bottom insulation with the heavier bag of this system, you could use the lighter bag as a TQ by simply not zipping it but laying it open on top of you. I did this with an old sleeping bag until I got a TQ. I used a thermarest pad with silcon strips on the bottom for grip so as not to slip out from under me. Pain to use this way, but worked fairly well.

    The gortex bivy might work in a bug sock fashion, if the end where opened to allow your suspension to pass through. It's awful heavy though. Considering Papa Smurf,, makes a nice one from Momentum material that weighs 6.5 oz, the gortex would not be my choice for this.

    the ECWS is not necessarily a bad choice, it's just that there are better options in weight and practicality out there.

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    I ditched my ECWCS bags as soon as i got out of the military, hands down they are crap and really heavy.

    However, I have and love and frequently use the goretex bivy. It's a little heavy but bombproof. It is easy to put around a hammock since you can use the snaps and dont 'need' the zipper.

    I have just started playing around with it on my hammock, and it fits great, i plan to bring it along on winter trips. There is enough slack in it on my blackbird to lay a blanket or extra sleeping bag etc in it/under the hammock for added insulation as well. Plus it gives me an emergency go to ground shelter in winter.

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    I don't use mine in/with a hammock. I do usually take it along when we go car camping (with the family) but for my solo 1-2day hikes I don't take it, too heavy & bulky. Besides, I have better gear for hiking. Most of the time my ECWSS sits ready to be compressed and stuffed into my B.O.B waiting for when the SHTF.

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    I've used mine down to about -6C (~20F) but as others have said, it's bulky and real pain to get into in a hammock. It's doable but expect lots of wriggling to get everything lined up. While the insulation does compress it remains surprisingly effective but then I was using both bags and the bivi. Would I recommend it? If that's your only option then give a go otherwise I think there are far better options out there

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    I use my modular bag with an inflatable pad... and I like it.. yes alittle wiggle... but it works.....for me....
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    I use the lighter green bag in my hammock. I love the room inside of the bag. I can't get comfortable in a tighter one. I dont think i'd take that big black fluffy monstrosity though.


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