Hey all, I haven't been here on the forums in quite a few months, but I thought I'd let you know that I'm a few days away from a week long backpacking trip through the Yosemite Wilderness. My 50 year old father and my Step-Brother will be driving from Idaho to pick my Brother and I up along the way to Yosemite. We will be doing a loop of the whole wilderness - starting at White Wolf Campground and heading North to Pate Valley, through the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne River. We have to stay near the junction with the Tuolumne River the first night because of the permit, but the next day we hike 14 miles along the river, and the waterfalls to Glen Aulin Backpackers Camp. The next day we turn south and hike down to Tenya Lake, and cross Highway 120. Then we hike further South to Clouds Rest, which is supposed to be the best spot in the whole wilderness since it's just North of Half Dome and overlooks all of Little Yosemite Valley. From there we will be hiking down the famous Mist Trail next to Nevada and Vernal Falls, and into Little Yosemite Valley to spend the day, before we hike up and out via the Yosemite Falls Trail - Very steep! Then it's another day of hiking back to White Wolf Campground.

To answer the obvious question first, Yes I will be hammock camping the whole time - using my WBBB. I'm taking my GoPro so we should have some video for you guys sometime also! I originally planned to solo this hike but my Dad eagerly joined in, then my Brother, then my Step-Brother, so this has grown into an expedition of sorts now. I wish I could write more, but I have to go to work, so wish me luck and I'll get back to you if you want more details or have any questions.