Are you within driving distance to Springer Mtn.?

A few buddies and I are planning a 2 or 3-knighter on the BMT ( Benton MacKaye Trail )

I am planning a march date because I am out of vacation for this year.

we will be doing some car-camps to test new hammocks and other equipment and I will post those as well if you like.... we have a sweert spot picked out in the Chattahoochee National Forest right on top of a water source.

Right now we are simply in the "hey-let's-go-do-a-three-knighter-on-the-BMT" stage.

no date
no set number of days as of yet
dogs ARE welcome (I love dogs)
tents welcome

Not sure if we want to do a destination hike and make it a loop, or a scenic hike and simply hike in and camp a night or two and then turn around and hike out.

I am simply planting a seed.

once we have more details I will post a PDF of the map to get to the parking area (on the side of Springer) it is real easy to find and not far about 45 minutes) from the entrance to Amicalola State Park.

I will post other details as they come up.