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    March Hang at Springer Mtn.

    Are you within driving distance to Springer Mtn.?

    A few buddies and I are planning a 2 or 3-knighter on the BMT ( Benton MacKaye Trail )

    I am planning a march date because I am out of vacation for this year.

    we will be doing some car-camps to test new hammocks and other equipment and I will post those as well if you like.... we have a sweert spot picked out in the Chattahoochee National Forest right on top of a water source.

    Right now we are simply in the "hey-let's-go-do-a-three-knighter-on-the-BMT" stage.

    no date
    no set number of days as of yet
    dogs ARE welcome (I love dogs)
    tents welcome

    Not sure if we want to do a destination hike and make it a loop, or a scenic hike and simply hike in and camp a night or two and then turn around and hike out.

    I am simply planting a seed.

    once we have more details I will post a PDF of the map to get to the parking area (on the side of Springer) it is real easy to find and not far about 45 minutes) from the entrance to Amicalola State Park.

    I will post other details as they come up.

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    I'll keep an eye on this thread. would love to join ya'll

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    Car-Camp is scheduled (last minute I know)


    Here is a map on how to get into the Chattahoochee National Forest:

    The road with the cabins opens into the forest. After a mile or so into the forest is a fork in the road.

    Maybe a half a mile is where we will be. you will see an open area on the right. we will not be seen from the road. The area is quite secluded. If anyone plans to go, I will mark the trail as best as I can.

    If you plan on going, PM me and I will give you my cell # for the specific details. Verizon service is great but T Mobile and ATT service.... not so good.

    As of now, it will be me and a buddy from church. so the more the merrier.

    Friday night when we can get there. Sat stay where we are and Sunday morning we wake up early and head back to town for church.

    So this will be a quickie two-nighter to test out equipment and food in preparation for the March trip.

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    This has a lot of appeal to me.
    I'll keep an eye on this thread and see how things shape up then.
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    Great Idea

    I agree, this sounds like a great idea. Having so much time to plan a trip makes it much easier to be able to go. Thread is subscribed to.

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    UPDATE TIME... we already have 7 hikers (only two of which will be a ground-dweller) and we ill be at the amicalola falls state park visitor center early Thursday morning and will start up the approach trail then.

    For us, we are still undecided on what we are doing Wednesday night.

    The plan is to hike up to Black Gap shelter and hang near there because of the water source and the privy. ( we will have 3-4 newbies to hiking so we want to take it easy on them) and crash there before dark.

    Friday morning up to Springer mtn shelter and the out to a truck in the parking lot Saturday morning.

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    I'm confused. What are the dates for this? If it's two separate trips (one car camping and one backpacking), when/where is each? I may very well be interested in one or both.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Str1der View Post
    I'm confused. What are the dates for this? If it's two separate trips (one car camping and one backpacking), when/where is each? I may very well be interested in one or both.
    One trip, Str1der. MArch 7-9th.
    Wednesday night, because we will be starting out late, we may camp just inside the border of the Forrest outside of the park. Thursday morning early, we will park in the parking lot adjacent to the visitor center of the park and hike up the Approach trail.

    About 6 miles up the approach trail is a shelter (I think it is called Black Gap Shelter) We will crash her for the night.

    Friday morning hike up to the peak of Springer and then hang near Springer Mtn. Shelter Friday night.

    Saturday morning we hike down (north) to the parking area about 2miles from Springer Mtn. Shelter where a truck will be waiting for us to take us to the park.

    So for those interested, PM me for my cell pohone and we can work out some directions where we will car camp, or you can meet us at the visitor center Early Thursday morning and hike up with us.

    We plan to have 7 in our group and we will plan on starting our hike up the approach trail around 7:30 - 8:00. No later than 0815.

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    This sounds like a nice trip, I just can't make it during the week. I don't have enough vacation time saved up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BajaHanger View Post
    This sounds like a nice trip, I just can't make it during the week. I don't have enough vacation time saved up.
    I hear ya. That is why we are meeting Wed NIGHT after work so we only have to take 2 days off and were making it close.

    Pluse we will have a few newbies (not that I am an expert) with us so we are sticking close to the AT and not wndering off into the true wild.

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