I decided to modify my woobie for use as a DIY UQ. I added the typical paracord and cord locks and installed it on my el-cleapo hammock. This will eventually make it to the hammock I have hanging in the Suburban. I took the one I usually hang in the back yard(same as the one in the burb) and set it up in the living room and went to work. Please excuse the mess....

I filled it with a fat bag and a couple of couch pillows to spread it out.

And now for the bonus: I installed my poncho via liner ties as a vapor barrier/ splash shield. I set it up sort of like the Hennessy Supershelter. I put a space blanket between the liner and the hammock then I hung the poncho under all of it. I set it up outside and took a snooze in it. It got down around 50 and it was too hot. The space blanket came out and still too hot. I'm a warm sleeper so that is probably some of it. Just the liner and I was comfortable. I'll try it again this fall when the temps drop lower and see what happens. Here's a few pics of the poncho installed.

Hope y'all enjoyed another poncho liner mod story!