I'm currently lugging around a two-person tent (heavy!) and would like to significantly downsize my shelter's weight and volume. Towards that end I'm looking for a poncho tarp. I promise to take it to the trails often

GoLite has made two distinct models of their poncho tarp. One was called "Ultra-Lite Poncho Tarp," weighed in at an advertised 10oz., and was produced until 2009 or 2010. I'll consider that model, but the one I'm most interested in is the more recent version that is simply called "Poncho Tarp" and is advertised at 7oz.

Color is unimportant. Other manufacturer's poncho tarps are also considered.

One reason I'm looking to the GoLite is that the newer 7oz. model has been on sale with 40% off coupons regularly. The older model 10oz. model was also regularly to be had with the 40% off coupons and was closed out for $30 recently. I'm hoping I can pick it up for cheap as I'm on a tight budget.

Thanks for looking at my ad and please contact me via private message or email me at pilatedeguerre (at) gmail.com if you have what I'm looking for.

I'm also looking for an inexpensive, lightweight, low-volume pack such as:
GoLite Ion
Gossamer Gear Murmur
EMS Packable Pack
MEC Travel Light Top Loader
The North Face Verto