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    TQ and Uq with 1.1 fabric

    I have a poncho liner coming, have some yards of insultex, and want to make a combination of upper or under quilt for moderate temps. Do you think that 1.1 would work okay or should I shoot for the 1.5 that someone is selling? If needed I might want to add a secon layer and slide a ccf pad in, would 1.1 or 1.5 be okay for this too? Give me your ideas as i will probably use some of the tutorials to make mine.

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    Well I'm no expert but there is a good post in diy "IX under quilt diy" where 1.1 rip stop is used. From that and other things I've read 1.1 is good for lining or inner shell and it will work for outer shell for light use, but may not be strong enough for heavy wear like a coat or jacket. Just my humble opinion, for what it is worth.

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    TQ and UQ with 1.1 oz/sqyd will hold alot of abrasion. If you are into ultralight you might even want to try the new 7D fabrics -- but make sure to have the coins ready (still too expensive for ME)

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