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    Grand Canyon Hammocks

    Is there any tips and tricks to hammock swinging in the Canyon?

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    Uh...look for trees?

    Seriously, I've read about a few people doing it, so the info is out there somewhere. Apparently it works on some of the trails where you can either find trees (shrubs?) big enough to support a hammock, or if you bring rock climbing gear and use slings or cams to hold you up.

    So really what I'm saying is I don't know the details, but it's been done so your idea isn't out of the question. Hopefully someone here has done it and can respond, but try searching whiteblaze or posting on the yahoo group as well.
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    I am not to familiar with the Grand Canyon plants. I figured that seeing that it is a desert I may not find ample hammock spots. Yeah I am not to the point of buying rock climbing gear maybe next summer. I don't want to carry an entire set of cams for hanging a hammock seems silly to me I was wondering if I was better packing a tarp then a hammock in the Canyon. Thanks For the Help

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    How about a trap for you hammock that you can set up using trekking poles? A bug bivy coule be added if needed. This way you could hang if you found a good place, or go to the ground if not.

    I haven't set up my tarp like that yet. I know some others have. Rock has something on his site about that.
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    That is a good idea, I know some climbing buddies that would let me borrow a cam is there one size I could bring that would fit most cracks?

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    What part of the Canyon are you going to?

    I was out there in early October.

    On the North rim there are pleny of trees for hanging a hammock.

    The South rim it depends on where you are, there are usually plenty of trees but in some areas they are not the kind of trees that would work well for hammocking.

    Our main trip was in the Grand Staircase with visits to both rims of the Grand canyon. Or plan was to take our hammocks and if no trees were around we would use my MacCat Deluxe as shelter. In the end we ended up taking our tent due to the forcasted temps being down in the 30s at night and we only have enough gear to keep one hammock warm in those temps.

    If you are on the North rim there are great camping spots just outside the park on rt 611. If you are interested I can give you directions to an awesome spot we camped in.

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    I am going to be going in early June. I am looking for a good book on the Grand Canyon so I can decide on what I want to see while I am there so far from the NPS website I came up with the following:
    Trip A
    Enter North Kaibab Trail
    Night 1 Cottonwood - CCG
    Night 2 Bright Angel - CBG
    Night 3 Bright Angel - CBG
    Night 4 Cottonwood - CCG
    Night 5 Hike Out
    Exit North Kaibab Trail
    Total Miles 28 miles

    Trip D
    Exit North Kaibab Trail
    Night 1 Cottonwood - CCG
    Night 2 Bright Angel - CBG
    Night 3 Bright Angel - CBG
    Night 4 Indian Garden - CIG
    Night 5 Hike Out
    Exit Bright Angel Trail
    Total Miles 23.5 miles

    I am trying to dodge the crowds so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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    any tips and tricks to hammock swinging in the Canyon?
    Grand Canyon park rangers will tell you that hanging is not allowed on the trees, particularly at the campgrounds you have indicated. Besides, the few trees there are not well-situated. Last year, I did a 4-day trip including stays at Indian Garden and Bright Angel and suffered on the ground.

    Having said that, you might be able to get away with hanging at Indian Garden. Most campsites have open-sided shelters with substantial posts. Hanging across corners might actually work. At Bright Angel, all campsites have hanging posts to keep gear away from the critters. A few of the sites have these posts close enough to those of neighboring sites that you might be able to stretch between them. But, demand for the more attractive sites is intense and you're unlikely to get the best one. Can't comment on Cottonwood.

    I am trying to dodge the crowds so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
    If you want to dodge the crowds, don't go on the trails on your list!! In June, you will see several hundred people a day. On the other hand, a first-timer is well-advised to use these corridor trails, for safety reasons, especially for water access.

    I am looking for a good book on the Grand Canyon
    There are several good books, some small enough to take on the trail. My favorite web site is for a wealth of information.

    Gook luck getting a permit.

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    Yeah I would like good luck on getting a permit. I looked at the remote trails it appears that you need a 4wd vehicle to get to the wilderness trails. I have planed on packing water anyways so I have been decreasing the amount of gear I can take so I can up my water carry. I have been thinking about putting my request in on Feb 1st so I have all of January to plan if I do not get a permit then I will just explore the Canyon as a fanny pack tourist to get my credit and then find somewhere else to backpack I am not entering a new environment I have experience in rappelling and mountain biking in Colorado Springs so I understand what elevation and heat and dry conditions put on the body Thanks for the help

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    There are trails that are not too remote but not as visited as the main corridor trails, for example, Hermit Creek, and there are shuttles to some of the trailheads. Most of these, however, do not offer hanging options unless you use climbing hardware on the rocks. There is lots of information from other hikers on less-used trails here:

    Regarding the permit: fax it in the evening of Jan 31. That way it's in the first batch they look at on the 1st.

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