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    Mmmm, we're just about to extend, I think I might *accidentally* overorder on the tyvek

    Welcome from a fellow noob, gospidey- I'm an old broiler of 46 and although I don't usually creak much, there are a plethora of unpleasantnesses which I find the hammock alieviates- if I go too long without a night in it, I gets purdy grumpy!! I agree with the guys as its a huuuuge weight difference and for the sake of buying ed speers great 'hammock camping' book and a few yards of ripstop, you can get a set up down to the weight with minimal sewing and they are totaly amazingly comfy

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    Thanks Fubba28, I think I'll follow your lead and just keep it for car camping and wait for Santa Claus to reward me for being a good citizen. <:^P The question now is what he will reward me with… Reading & learning. And thanks to TurboGirl, for steering me towards Ed Speer’s website. Now I have yet more good info to digest.

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    welcome to H.F. from N.Y.

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