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    Load taken by SRL?

    I was just wondering, what percentage of a hangers weight, does a structural ridgeline take? I have some 2mm hootchie cord and was thinking about using that... im unsure what the breaking strain on the stuff would be, but im confident it would take my weight in a straight down pull... Would it take the strain of being used for an SRL?

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    The force in the ridgeline depends mostly on the angle of the suspenion. This force can become substational, more than your weight!

    The diagram shows the equilibrium of forces and the realtion with the angle.
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    Great... As always, it is less than simple...

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    The simple part is its related the angle of the suspension and the flatter the suspension angle the higher the tension. The good news is that there is always some sag due to stretch in the hammock and lines so the tension drops off faster than we usually expect given our initial setting.

    I have used 200lb spectra fishing line as a ridgeline in prototyping hammocks and had it work fine. Even when it was tight enough to twang like a guitar string.... But I wouldn't use it as a long term choice.

    Generally the spectra lines used are significant overkill on what is necessary for strength. I do recommend a low stretch choice, whatever you use so that it remains constant in practical use. I have used 6mm nylon lines too and been unhappy with their performance due to stretch.
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