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    Why does the 9'9" Claytor JH have a reputation for being "long"?

    Claytor's site gives the Jungle Hammock's length as 9'9", which is 117". Claytor claims the JH is long, and I keep seeing people on these forums say so as well. Claytor even claims the JH will comfortably hold someone up to 7'5" tall, which is what drew me to it in the first place. But 9'9" is shorter than many hammocks, including the WBBB and Traveler, which are both 10' long. A 6'8" guy on these boards said he had just enough room to be comfortable in a WBBB. So what gives? Is there something I've missed in the JH's design that would allow it to accommodate a 7'5" person *better* than a longer hammock? It's quite narrow, with a width of 48", so I assume it can't have anything to do with an especially good diagonal lay.

    I'm very curious.

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    Interesting question-----------Maybe its because with the claytor you dont put as much sag into it when you set it up? (it hangs tighter than most hammocks) All I know, is at 6'5", Im really comfortable in the claytor. I've also noticed that it hangs best when the support trees are about 15 feet apart-------I went on a quick overnight with my son last weekend, and with trees 15 feet apart, and about 30 degrees of sag, i slept like a baby----best nights sleep ive ever had in the woods! Like any thing else, you just have to find that sweet spot that works for you!
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    I have the No Net, which is listed as 10 ft. and certainly seems plenty long. I had the Jungle for a while, it didn't seem noticeably shorter if mem serves.

    But, will the channels on the end of the Claytor result in a few more usable inches than some other types of end knots, but which have a 10 ft length?
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    Exactly what I was going to say BillyBob. Are gathered-end hammocks measured before or after the gather? Either way, I believe the cinched-end hammocks like Claytors, do offer more length to a gathered-end of the same dimensions.
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    the wbbb's are measured in 'raw' dims.
    they also have a fixed 100" ridgeline.

    looks like the claytor hangs a lot like a tttg switchback classic.
    that 10ft. length combined with no SRL has prompted darby
    to recommend a 144" ridgeline tarp---and tall users have
    reported good success with the TTTG switchback. w/out that
    ridgeline... the hammock really has a tendency to 'stretch long' - which,
    interestingly enough, i find more comfortable than a SRL hmmk.


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