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    Is my double really strong enough for two grown people?

    I've had my Trek Lite double for a little over a year now and slept in it for about a month last summer and loved every night in it. I've been wondering ever since I got it if it's really strong enough for two adults to sleep in. Their site says it is and I'm not doubting it but I would surely hate to find out the hard way I would love to snuggle up with my honey in it but would hate to end up on the ground. I had that happen once with a different hammock and still have back problems from it. Anybody with a good answer I would love to hear from you. Thanks in advance everybody.

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    I think your hammock is the same as the ENO doublenest and I've been in my doublenest with my wife. Total weight at the time was around 400 lbs with no problems.
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    As long as the total weight is under the rated limit you should be ok in terms of strength. Comfort is a whole different ball game. That depends entirely on the couple involved. Some would be fine with it. I know my wife would not be. Just plain too cramped. We like to snuggle but we also like our space.
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    Combined, my girlfriend and I are well over 300lbs. Might be getting close to that 400lb mark actually. We routinely sleep together in our TL Double. We slept double for a couple of weeks straight on the AT back in 2008. Still using the same hammock and we probably sleep together in it about 1 night a month on average.

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    Thank you everybody for the great information. I'll have to try it out.

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    My wife and I regularly lay in my Trek light double and combined we weigh right around 380#, have never had a problem. Comfort like some others said can be a challenge if you plan to sleep in it, but short term its great!

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    Your suspension will be a bigger concern than the hammock. I've had a bit over 400 in one and the hammock was fine. Webbing held fine as well, but that's a lot of stress on whatever is holding up the hammock. I'd bet that the majority of failures on these parachute hammocks occur on part of the rigging. I've never seen or heard of the hammock itself failing.

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