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Thread: Tyvek sources?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TFC Rick View Post
    Sweet tarp help Batman! You guys are awesome. Reckon a 12x9 will cover? I know I wont be going all winter mode with it, but hey, I live in Florida.

    I have a DIY 12 foot hammock, ridgeline forth coming.
    I have an 8x10 rectangular that I can close the "doors" on. 12x9 would be more than enough coverage IMHO. After all, your ridgeline will be... um.. roughly... (brain smokes) 10' long at an 83% ridgeline... (isn't that the magic number?)
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    Been thinking about using the antigravitygear stuff for a tarp/poncho combo, and I have a question regarding breathability.

    I know that it's rated WPB, and 98%+ waterproof, but how does it breathe? Is it really any better than, say, sylnylon or PU-coated nylon when worn? Does anyone have any experience with that particular aspect of it? I've looked at the Tyvek data sheets, but I have a hard time extrapolating from those numbers to actual field conditions and feel of materials.

    I mean, I know that once it's saturated with outside moisture it's not going to breathe, but I was also thinking about my Florida "winter" gear. A poncho liner topquilt with a hole cut in the center for my head layered with a windblock should be good for me down to freezing if gathered right and combined with normal hiking clothes. Thing is, I'm worried about moisture buildup in the liner when using a VBL on the outside. If Tyvek can breathe relatively well in dry conditions, it'd be one more thing I wouldn't have to carry.

    Thanks in advance.
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