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    from the woods?

    5 of us here. Weather to die for

    Mad mikes watch said 42 degree. In the early am
    More to follow


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    Incredibly disappointed in myself missing this weekend hang. Weather is perfect I'm sure.
    Enjoy those woods & trails all!

    Pix pix pix!

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    "Honey, I'm Home!!"

    the first central fla hang is completed as a success!

    Two Daves, One Mike, One Lamar and one Tom. Saturday afternoon, Melissa and another Dave came in. I'm sorry, but I don't have the on-line names all in memory, so I left them all out.

    The site was great. For some reason, certain areas grow grass rather than the more common palmetto. This was one such area, covered by well spaced water oak trees. The trees (or their shadow??} discourage the palmetto and encourage the grass. There was a bench, fire ring and picnic table. Samsara dave installed them when he first began working here 10 or 11 years ago.

    Saturday was hike day They planned to visit some Cypress trees (which are under water) Luckily, I had a wedding to attend in Sebring and so I broke off from the middle of the hike before the water trekking.

    Sunday was show and tell. There sure are a lot of interesting new hammock designs out there. It was nice to see them first hand.

    The photographers will be along shortly with better descriptions.

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