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    Moskito for a first timer.

    Hi everyone.

    After the whole research, think, research, decide to make the plunge, pull back, more research cycle that I'm sure a lot of you went through before deciding to get a hammock; I finally have one .

    A good (lets make that very good now) friend has given me an Amazonas Moskito hammock as a Xmas present.

    To be fair it wasn't on my short list due to some of the reports I read but I'm determined to make a good go of it.

    I'm dying to hang it and give it a try but I reckon I have a few things I could do with advice on from people with experience with this hammock and hammocks in general.

    First of, it came as bare as it could, no tarp, no lines. I have some odd bits of rope, webbing 'biners etc from my climbing kit which I should be able to cobble something together as a start before moving onto some thing more permanent before i start to use it in ernest come the nice weather.

    From (and my general understanding of hammocks) I'm probably going to want a ridgeline, something around the 9ft/3m length?, I'm planning to use paracord. As I understand it this should be strong enough for a ridgeline.
    Am I right in thinking paracord wont have the strength to be used as the hanging lines (even if doubled/trippled up)? I can get ahold of paracord a lot more handily than spectra due to my location. On the spectra front roughly what weight would be a good start point? Should I go spectra all the way?

    Basically thats it for now, sorry about the long and rambling post, I have the fever bad, I cant see two poles, two trees basically two of anything without imagining hanging between them and thats before I have even got this baby strung up

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