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    looking for a cheap sleeping bag

    i'm looking for a very cheap mummy sleeping bag that is good to around 20 degrees. please, I'M TALKING in...i'm in college cheap!
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    I have, well i had a 0 degree campmor down bag until my son took it. now i carry his REI synthetic
    I was pleased with the performance and the cost of the campmor bag.
    Check there site out

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    I've seen lots of good posts about that Campmor down bag that No Trail Name lists.

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    Two possibilities I can think of are:

    1. Military sleeping bag on e-bay. These can be ultra-mega-uber cheap, but heavier than commercial models. Also beware of high shipping costs, knock-offs, and condition of surplus items.

    2. If you sew, or can barter with someone who does, there are a variety of quilt options that would cost less than $50.00 in materials.

    That's my 1 cent (did I mention that I'm cheap?)


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    I got mine on craigslist. Have you tried that?

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    I second Craig's List. I bought a 20* down North Face sleeping bag on CL for $25.00. You don't see deals like that every day, but they do occasionally show up.
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    If you don't care about weight and need it right away, I would go army surplus. If you can bide your time, craigslist or ebay or freecycle, etc.

    But if you do have time on your side, I would consider another two options:

    First, you can try to save money now, but regret your desicion later. I have done this on many occasions myself! I am not sure what you are going to use this bag for. Are you overnighting, car camping, thru or section hiking? These things affect the qualities (weight, compressibility, color, etc...) that you will be desiring out of your bag. I bought a couple of Kelty 15* sleeping bags that were very cheap, but they are heavy synthetic bags that are a bear to compress. So, I don't use them. They are good for car camping in the winter, but my point is, I was trying to be frugal and that combined with my lack of experience got me a product I was unhappy with and rarely use. So, it was a waste of money! Researching and putting much thought into your purchase will more likely get you the bag that fits your needs, thus saving you money in the long run...

    Next, sewing your own quilt. Someone mentioned this, and I think it is definately worth looking into. If you know someone who can sew, you are in luck, because a quilt is very easy. This is also a great first project that most people would be able to do. You can get something for sure in the $50 range, and if you use fabric from the wally world $1 bin, even cheaper. If I were in your situation, I would go with the quilt because it is going to be lighter and more versitile than the army surplus blanket, probably cheaper than the ebay or craigslist bags and it is your own choice of colors, and your own "creation."

    Overall, I think the DIY rectangular quilt is the best choice with regards to weight, versitility, price, and factor...

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