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    First Gathered End Hammock and Bishop Bag

    I just completed my first DIY gathered end hammock with ridgeline and bishop bag. I'll try hanging in it tomorrow.
    -9'7" of Navy 1.7 or 1.9 Ripstop Nylon from Hancock Fabric, $4.95/yrd (I just missed the sale price 40% off.)
    -7'11.5" of 1.25mm cord from, $.259/ft.
    -16"x8" and a 7.5" diameter pieces of 1.1 Black DWR Ripstop from Wilderness, $7.5/yrd
    -1.25" of 2.5 Ripstop from some old hiking pants, free
    -18" of 1.5mm cord from, $.259/ft.
    -1 Grommet from Home Depot, ~$8 for a 10pack w/punch kit
    -1 "Tiny" Cord Lock from, $.25/each
    -18' Gray 7/64 Amsteel

    Sewed the hammock with a double hem to prevent fraying and followed the directions from [user]Knotty[/user]:Instruction: Gathered End Hammock.
    I made whoopie slings from [user]SlowBro[/user]:Whoopie Sling Suspension.
    I attached the rideline by making a loop on both ends (double overhand knot) and sliding that over the fixed loop of the whoopie slings before backing the whoopie over on itself to make a larkshead knot to slid over the end of the newly gathered hammock.
    I used my own know how to sew the bishop bag with an extra patch for supporting the grommet. After I installed the first grommet, I noticed that the whoopies would not fit through it, so I ended up with the bigger one from Home Depot. It is not the grommet in the picture.

    Total time: ~3.5hrs.

    Pictures to prove it (taken on my camera phone so I apologize for the graininess):
    Attached Images Attached Images
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