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Thread: Noob Alert!

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    Most people need some insulation beneath them when the temperature drops below 70 (seventy) degrees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lpranal View Post
    cool idea, thanks! Not sure I'll really need the insulative properties this weekend, as the forecast is calling for lows in the 50s (which is insane this time of year) but you won't hear me complaining, with the bugs being gone. But I'm sure I'll be using this setup soon enough
    Unless you're a lot cold-hardier than I (which is possible), you'll regret that. We had temps in the 60s last Friday at a Boy Scout campout. I thought a bag would be enough. I ended up grabbing my pad in the middle of the night. Next night was much nicer, as I started with the pad. Either way, the night was more comfortable than any night on the ground for me.

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    Well I certainly wasn't planning on going without it... although, I was just fine using a sleeping bag liner my first night out (I started the night out with literally nothing!), temps didn't go below the low 60s. So I am warmer than most, but I have no intention of experiencing frozen butt syndrome, the pad is absolutely going with me no matter what.

    Man that first night was quite the experience though. Was basically out in the wilderness, under an untested homemade tarp, getting woken up by deer snorting and heavy thunderstorms

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