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    Cuben tarp brainstorm

    I live in Arizona where cuben fiber is manufactured. Recently I accuired 20 yards of cuben not cheap. Planning on making two new tarps. Most likely they will have a eleven foot ridge no cat cut not much weight savings butchering up the cuben. One with doors other without doors. Instead of using cord our grosgrain I want to cut a ten by one and half inch peice of cuben tape and fold it into a tripled up peicw of cuben. Then sandwhich it on the corner with reinforcement patches. Icould make a make shift corner and perform a few tests to see how much lbs of pulling pressure it can handle. Anyway what,yall tjink I should do with this cuben what are some ideas to make this mat we rial really sparkle? Anyone have a unique idea to put this cuben fiber to the test?

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    From what i can gather, it is not the pulling pressure that will be the problem, but the friction of the guy moving in the cuben loop...

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    Cuben is strong stuff. I wouldn't be so worried about the strength. It doesn't like friction, and the mylar tends to fray with abrasion, as a tie out would do. If you use the cuben tape, occasionally check it and know you will be patching it with more tape in the future. Probably not a big deal, just something to be mindful of.

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    I don't have any first-hand experience with cuben, but something that occurred to me when I was reading through Sgt. Rock's thread on making a cuben tarp is using cuben tie-outs sheathed in something--1.1 oz nylon, heat-shrinkable rubber, paracord sheathing, whatever. This would allow the tie-outs to have the strength of cuben and the abrasion resistance of the sheathing material.

    Just a thought.

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