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    Same!!! Just got an ENO DN... First time hammock, but I am a bug magnet! A net is going to be a must for me... Please please give an update on the modifications! Anybody have a net they are looking to get rid of??

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    a work in progress
    I "thought" i'd keep my ENO Guardian when I upgraded my gear to something lighter.

    Not after seeing this thread !

    Now...... who can make me one of these ? (Yeah, I know its not rocket science but I'd rather support a fellow hanger by contracting it to be done)


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    DIY 11' Hexon 1.6 wide
    DIY 12' Hex
    DIY Costco TQ, UQ
    DIY hugs, whoopies
    You can do this!!!

    I ordered 7 yards of nano no-see-um from Dutch on Monday. It arrived this afternoon. I was able to knock one of these out tonight in under an hour. It was my second ever, and I made it for my wife's hammock. I also make little channels on both of the ends and added a length of Lash-it and a cord lock to cinch them after installing it on the hammock. Here's the fabric cut pattern I use, doubled over fabric, of course:

    Fronkey Fabric diagram.jpg
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    I made mine the same way. Except I made one end a 16 inch opening with drawstring, so I can slide it over my hammock and off to an end in the event that bugs weren't obnoxious.

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    Well, I clearly made an incorrect measurement in there, but it works! Added a shock cord channel on one side so I can shove it all back when I donít need it. I think it was probably more trouble than itís worth. If I were to do this again Iíd simply tie a knot on the end. Also measure my ridgeline correctly.

    The tapered shape is great! I was in there for an hour during dusk and no mosquitos made their way in despite the bottom being ďopenĒ.

    Itís resting on the ground in the pictures, but picks itself up when cinched. The hammock is also a little low because I was trying out a new suspension knot. Itís a slippery rope.

    Thanks a ton for putting the instructions together. I never thought Iíd be able to make a bet myself.



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