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    Seeking Alternatives to 3M VHB Tape for Cuben Fiber

    Hello everyone -

    I am rolling around the idea of making a cuben fiber tarp, and really think using tape (or some other adhesive) is superior to sewing for this fabric. The cost of the tape is giving me pause, however - especially after seeing how much it takes in Sgt Rock's video.

    Does anyone know of an equivalent strength adhesive - perhaps a liquid that can be brushed on... ?

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    I've tested both McNett Aquaseal and Loctite Hysol U-10FL, and I believe they both are strong enough, but I found them messy to work with and not really much cheaper than 3M VHB tapes. I think there are cottage industry guys who use these or other bonding agents successfully, but I don't think they have published their materials and methods. If I had to suggest something other than adhesive transfer tapes for a first-time project, I guess it would be Aquaseal.

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    I think the problem with the brushed on adhesives is largely the mess factor. Applying too much will cause it to squeeze out when you roll the air out. The adhesive also has weight, more than you would expect. IDK which is lighter, but the VHB tape seems to be the easiest to work with from what I've read.
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    Also the VHB tape comes in different widths. if you use 3/4" or 1" its less than twice the price of 1/2" and you don't have to double it.

    Besides compared to the price of a commercial ultralight tarp in Sil or Cuben its still cheap.
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    Thanks, WV!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AaronAlso View Post
    I think the problem with the brushed on adhesives is largely the mess factor.
    I've spent quite a bit of time working with liquid adhesives - aircraft interiors are fulla that stuff - so the mess really isn't a factor since I have some highly refined techniques.

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