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    2nd night out, 1st cold night.

    Yesterday we picked up a Hennessy Expedition Classic from REI for my girlfriend to try out.

    I also wanted to try out my new Rab TQ & try hanging in a bit chillier weather (my 1st overnight hang it only got down to about 75 F).

    The GF & I quickly cut a slit down the center of the Rab TQ (see this thread), melted the end of the slit (as a quick and dirty finish... we will sew it up later), grabbed our gear, and walked out to the woods behind my apartment.

    We hung in a V shape off 3 trees. No tarps (although I think the tarps woulda kept us a bit warmer b/c there was a slight breeze).

    I forgot (could have easily gone back inside and grabbed some stuff) to bring out the warm clothes I had intended on wearing and decided I'd just wing it and see what happens.

    My "sleep system" that night included:
    1. Warbonnet Blackbird 1.1 DL
    2. Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Mummy Pad
    3. Rab Quantum Down Top Quilt
    4. Columbia Titanium Mountain Tech Long Sleeve Tee
    5. Reebok Nylon Basketball Shorts
    6. Hanes Cotton Boxers Briefs

    (no socks, no hat, no tarp)

    It got down to about 48 degrees. I definitely woke up about 6 or 7 times because I'd have a draft hit the exposed skin on my legs but all it in all, I was kind of impressed that that little insulation kept me warm enough to get some sleep. If I had pants, socks, a mid layer top, a beanie, and a tarp I think I would have been pretty **** toasty for some degrees to come.

    All in all, it was a good experience, good test, good data point. I think I'm a "warm sleeper"

    It was a bit of a pain to stay on the large puffy (I did deflate it some) pad & I liked my 3/4 length Therm-a-Rest self inflating pad better. That being said, I'm sold on getting a UQ one of these days.

    As for the GF. She was cozy in her Hennessy and slept pretty well. That being said she says she thinks the WBBB is more comfortable so we'll be returning the HH to REI & ordering her a WBBB


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    Excellent. Way to get out there and just enjoy! Always something to work out. That's why I've enjoyed a few group hangs - easy way to share and see other set ups. Anyway, looking forward to hearing more as you continue. Don't forget to take some pics!!!

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    Do some studying on underquilts.I'm partial the the Hammock Gear Incubator Zero. (And not just because it's made in my hometown ).
    I've also tried a thin CCF that I tapered at the feet to conform better to the hammock. I've found that doing that, the foam pad doesn't fall out from my WBBBDL, either, and it ensures I stay warm. I've been in 12 degrees, so far. I'm looking for that single digit nirvana or even sub zero hang, this season. Best to you.
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