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    HH Explorer Deluxe w/ 2Q-ZQ Mod 4

    I bought this from a fellow member a little while ago but I have found I have no need for it. I paid $165 for it and would sell it for same. The description was: Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe Asym (w/ 2QZQ #4 mod) for sale. This roomy and comfortable hammock has been upgraded to use webbing/whoopie slings from AHE. As mentioned it also has the 2QZQ mod #4 applied to it; with the sewing up/closing off of the original velcro bottom entry opening.

    It also includes HH snakeskins, as well as the stock HH Asym tarp.

    It has been used in the field on 7 days worth of trips. It was purchased on October 5, 2010. Here is a video about it.

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    How much for everything?

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    $165 conus for everything

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    Pm sent with questions

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    Sold pending payment

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