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    I have visited to the cubic tech facility and have seen what I would have never expected. What most know of cubic tech are their 4 or 5 most notorious materials ranging from .5 oz to 1.4 oz. These are typically used for tarps, bags, UQ's, TQ's, etc. What you might not know about cuben fiber is they make a mass verity of materials all with different specification's such as the layers of film of the material the thread count and so on. They make sail material breathable material camouflage materials though I have only reached the tip of the iceberg and have still to acquaint myself with all these materials and specifications uses and what have you. First to be said is cubic tech probably has close to 50 different materials that can be used for any project. I am going to start a series of threads that might help people know a bit more about cuben tech since I am located near them. Also they are very friendly so don't be afraid of giving them a call or sending an email. I have quite a bit of cuben fiber and I am thinking about conducting some tests as far as abrasion, puncture, load. I will ask for ideas when I am ready and have videos for people to reference in the future. The cuben fiber I acquired you actually wouldn't find at quest or z pack not that they cant get it them selfs just that cuben makes many different variations of cuben fiber such as said before multiple film thickness fiber count so on. So I will be looking to really put this new wonder material to the test. My only problem now is I work 12 to 14 hours, 7 days a week trying to finish Arizona's 101 freeway. The deadline is Oct 20th so the wheels are turning. We plan to finish a little early at the end of the next week I know its not soon but I have several projects that are waiting until then.
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