Hello All

I would like to propose a Northwest America Father or Mother/ Son or Daughter Hang for the Springtime. The only requirements are that 1 you must be a pair or few and 2 the other parts of your pair or few must be a relative by blood or marriage.

I would like to see all ages and combinations of fathers, mothers, uncles, daughters, grandsons, sons, aunts, grandmothers and everything else in between. Lets get together to teach the younger or older generations about our respect and love for the outdoors.

Beginners, intermediates and experts are all welcome.

Locations are up for consideration. I was thinking this could include Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Northern California, British Columbia and anyone willing to travel here.

Planning in this area and in Spring will probably be wet, might have snow still on the ground and plans could change up until the week before the trip based on snow levels. Car or hike options are open for consideration. Campfire creation will definitely involve everyone since it will be so hard so bring your saws and fire starting tricks.

This should be considered family friendly so no out of control antics or you may be asked to leave.

Tent dwellers are welcome but expect to be jealous and less energetic in the morning.

If you have gear that a younger relative has grown out of you should bring it as a we will have a hand-me-down gift exchange. Moderators if you would grant these to be allowed as a PIF item or credit that would be wonderful.

So anyone interested?