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    I have a question on machine.

    I'm tired of asking someone to sew for me so I'm wanting to get a cheap machine that I can get started with. I have sewn before but I really can't remember much about it. I'm sure after a few hours on youtube I'll be ready.

    Here is what I'm looking for:

    Is this okay for doing some of this work? I could start with this and if I do a lot I will simply buy something better.

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    I don't much like the looks of that thing. It might work but I'd be more inclined to get something cheap from Wally World so you can at least take it back if it's not okay.

    You can also probably find a good machine at a yard sale or Goodwill. Or just ask around. Most people's mothers have one stuffed in the attic or somewhere they would give you.

    Only problem with free or cheap second hand ones is they might not work well and could need work.

    Another option is to find a repair shop. They always have used ones and often real bargains.

    But then again that Michley had some good reviews. I have never heard of the brand. Might work. Got $30? That's all it would cost you to find out...

    Did that help at all? I doubt it...
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    With a shipping weight of only 6 pounds you will be chasing that machine all over the table. Not too bad if you are making napkins for a picnic set, but get into a 12' tarp seam and it's the last thing you want to have to do. I'd pass if it were me.

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    just watched a few of your vids ramblinrev, they've been really helpful - they demystify a lot.

    one other thing i found helpful in conjunction with your vids was the simple diagrams of seams at DIY Gear Supply. At times I found it a little bit hard to identify exactly what you were doing visually - probably because of the video quality issues caused by youtube compression. those diagrams really clarified things for me.

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