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Thread: Trail fitness

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triggerhpy View Post
    I stay off the treed mills. And I don't run. Running is very bad for me(knees). Walking (street, bike path) hiking on the trail is much better.
    I'm trying to get through the mental stuff just to get out there again.
    Went trough the gear closet yesterday and reorganized it. Found some 10# weights and a few other bits.
    Actually if you are in a gym especially one that is using the most up to date cardio machines they have some GREAT hill climber machines that really simulate hiking. Usually 4-6 weeks before I go on a hike (since Long Island is flat) I go to town on that bad boy for 20 minutes before I hit the weights. Made a big difference the last time I went hiking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raul Perez View Post
    Actually if you are in a gym especially one that is using the most up to date cardio machines they have some GREAT hill climber machines that really simulate hiking. Usually 4-6 weeks before I go on a hike (since Long Island is flat) I go to town on that bad boy for 20 minutes before I hit the weights. Made a big difference the last time I went hiking.
    Well a bonus where I live I have altitude(6645' at the house and 9954' on Sugarloaf)
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    Eat better than the average citizen:
    -6 meals/day
    -fruits and nuts a must
    -high fiber
    -high protien
    -only the needed sugars, and a few splurges once in a while.

    Run about 2-3 miles 2-3 times a week.

    Free weights and ab work

    Sometimes some P90X or Crossfit Routine for some added fun or structure.

    By adding this into my life since January, I am back down to my High School Weight and have more muscle than back then. I lost ~25 lbs. since Jan.

    Best thing I've found to help me to stay in hiking shape...go hiking.
    -Jeremy "Brother Bones" Owner of Bonefire™ Gear

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    It's not going to help the OP, but I run, run, and run some more. Then I bike.

    I run about 4 miles 5x a week at a good tempo pace. I commute by bicycle (6 miles round trip in the foothills). I bike about an hour/90min (20-30 miles) once a week.
    My absolute goal isn't hiking fitness, it podiuming 5ks and duathlons (at least AG podium). Hiking fitness is a nice side effect, doing the amount of cardio work I do, I find 25 mile days in the sierras pretty easy.

    On the plus side, 5 years ago before I started running again, and bought my bike, I was 6', 220lbs. In 3 months of bike commuting, I was down 40lbs. It's taken another 4 years to get down to 150, and I'm still 12 lbs heavier than my HS/College weight. But, again, my goal is a fast race weight, NOT a sustainable hiking weight. I do think they are related: a fast race weight will also be a fast hiking weight. 10 lbs is worth 20 seconds per mile of running just from the extra work of carrying the extra weight. If you want either ultimate hiking speed OR the lowest possible skin-out weight, it would be silly not to get to your fastest race weight. There are some good books out there, and quite a few sports nutritionists to ask if someone were really interested.

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    Usually some sort of weight/cardio type of workout on a regular basis. I shoot for an hour a day but don't feel bad if I miss a day here and there - life is busy. Lately I've been doing P90X. Through the summer I was on my road bike a lot.

    I think diet is probably the most important aspect in total health; after all, even athletes have heart attacks occasionally. As my handle suggests I eat a completely plant-based diet and avoid, salt, sugar, flour, oil, and other processed food as much as possible.

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    50+ here, too. I've been jumping rope for a few years now, sometimes for 30 minutes (no, not straight, jump for minute, little more/little less, gasp for breath, jump some more) or jump rope to warm up and then things like 1 leg squats on a Boro ball, medicine ball push ups and balance ball crunches. jumping rope in between sets. I don't like to run long distances so I do sprint work outs and practice one night a week with the local rugby club.

    But I'm a flatlander and I think I'm doomed to suck air on long ups.
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    if your going to exercise to bike,-bike, hike-hike, swim-swim , paddle-paddle. its not rocket science. do what you want to do. its that simple.
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    I don't really work out, per se. Just do more within my routine. Walk to the station, run up all stairs, walk home when i can (10km-6 miles?), ride my bike to the grocery store, etc. My job is not strenuous, but I never sit down .

    Before a six day hike earlier this year, i added a 6 or 7km walk around the city with my loaded backpack, maybe 7 or 8 times in the 3 weeks before hiking.

    I wasn't running up any hills, but I did find after 6 days, i was fine. I agree with Karl, just do what you do, only more of it. The idea of going into a gym to prepare for going outside is weird to me. Just go outside.

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