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    this guy is from my area, mainly sells mayan style hammocks. i have the #16 waxed cotton delux mayan i believe. very nice hammock.

    here's another colorado hammock company, go for the double hammock. these are made out of lightweight nylon fabric instead of woven string, much lighter and more packable and cheaper. good quality though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Im Chris Brown View Post
    links links links!

    this sounds awesome. Im gonna have to look in the room again and figure out how im going to do this but it defiantly sounds possible and im stoked on that.

    again, links to recomended hammocks?
    Google travel hammock

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    I dont really care about it being lightweight or anything, i wont be traveling with it, i defiantly will just be hanging it and sleeping on it.

    if you guys were doing this what hammock would you guys sleep in?

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    Get a Trek Light double. Inside you (presumably) don't need the bug net, so you can just enjoy how nice it feels. The Eno double is the same hammock.
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    I've orderd from all of these sites for home sleeping hammocks. Lots of styles to choose from; hope you've got a savings account.
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    Have been sleeping in a hammock for 8 months. Love it, no sore shoulders no sore back. Once you get one it won't be long before hangin outside will sound like a great idea to you so I would get one that can do both. All the brands metioned before work great with that dual purpose in mind. Welcome to your new addiction. Costs little to build a stand for inside and there are helpful instructions in HF.
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    i have put eyebolts in the celing rafters to hang from, but you have to get them in just the right spot so the amount of sag will be what you want and your hammock will be the right height off the floor. a stand might not be a bad idea, you would be able to play with different amounts of sag, it would be totally adjustable.

    a brazillian might not be a bad idea either, if it's cool enough in the house to need a blanket, your backside might get cool, you could lay on something like a fleece blanket, but doing this is kind of a wrestling match to get it under you comfortably. the brazillians are usually made of a thicker fabric which would have some insulating property of it's own, probably enough for inside sleeping, this way you only need a blanket on top of you. if you did want to go backpacking with a hammock it would be cheap enough to spend 30$ on one of the trecklights or eno's.

    hey greentherapy, what have you been sleeping in every night?

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    if you look on pages 13 & 14 of my gallery, you'll see several pictures of how i have my hammock hanging in my bed room.
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    I STRONGLY encourage you to try it!

    I started hammocking in 03 inorder to camp near the backcountry trail work I did as a ranger ... in the Olympics that's ave 3-4 hours per day swinging a D-ring, clearing trails, rock work, digging outhouse holes etc. IOW pretty hard stooped over work.

    It is impossible to describe the higher quality rest and body recuperation, IMHO also spine therapy, a hammer provides.

    One of the wilderness volunteers is a physical therapist who takes summers off to work in the wild. She got in my Speer, got a huge grin on her face and in a few days ordered 2 Hennesseys .. one for her Dr husband too.
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    sorry to resurrect an old thread, im planning on finally ordering my hammock today, but since i havent a clue about hammocks and you guys are the experts, im coming here.

    I want something neat and colorful. Im 19 years old and a lot of people are gonna walk in my room and go "Whoa! A hammock!" I'm not going to disapoint them by having a boring blue hammock, so that is a factor but not a huge one.

    I've got it done, by your sugestions and recomendations, to these ones. Price isnt a huge deal, i havent really a problem spend ~$100 if the extra money is really going to be worth it.

    someone recomended..looks good.. opinions? 140 price tag. ouch.

    trelite double hammock at 60 bucks

    the colors dont seem to amazing, but they sound like a great hammock. I wont really be using this for hanging when i travel or camp or whatever, it's pretty mcuh just gonna stay in my room

    ecquadorian hammock? I've got a friend leaving in about a week for a long term missions trip down in ecquador. I think it'd be neat if i slept in an ecquadorian hammock so i dont forget about her while she's down there. If its not suitable for long term sleeping though, forget it.

    (anything else from that site i should look at?)

    I like this one.

    the colors are nice, its a brazillian, looks perfect for the job.

    thats about it, i think.

    Im super open to sugestions. if someone plopped down a link and said "get this one, you'll love it" i will most likely be buying it. I Dont really know what im looking for when buying a hammock so any and every input you guys give is greatly appreciated.

    Im most likely going to hang i-bolts from the ceiling, bring chain down and then just chain it up that way. Is that doable? is there some other way i should do it? I think the room may be a tad small for a stand, but again, i aint know crap about hanging.

    thanks guys! im excited! I think im going to move into the house as soon as my hammock comes so i'll defiantly get you guys pics =D

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