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    Thoughts on a Mountain Hardware Flip sleeping bag as a TQ

    I need a new sleeping bag for hunting and car camping and the Mountain Hardware Flip bag has really caught my eye as a good fit for my needs. I am looking at the down model for size reasons.

    Since I can't drop $250 on a dedicated top quilt right now I'd like to at least get a sleeping bag that would pull double duty since I will be picking one up soon.

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    This is just my personal opinion, for what it's worth, and I'm certainly no hammock camping expert.

    IMHO, I would be looking to make as few big ticket purchases
    as possible. There are top quilts out there with "backing straps" meant to wrap around a ground pad. Those straps can easily be tucked away when in use in a hammock. There are even options like the Jacks Are Better "No Sniviller" that are wearable; which may be of use while waiting in that treestand on a cold morning.

    Again this is just my $0.02 as it were, but if I were you I'd keep shopping around.
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    I have always used a sleeping bag instead of a TQ. I just bought a Marmot +20 semi-rectangular to get me through the winter. I can't sleep with my legs straight out like a mummy bag or TQ requires.
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