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    Never tried doing this but I figure that what you could do is sew a mitten hook onto the bottom corners of the poncho. What you could do then is run your tarp's ridgeline through your ponchos hood and cinch up the hood. Then attach the mitten hooks to the webbing at the bottom corner of your tarp and use some cord to stake out the sleeve. This would form a sort of "beak" for your hammock, much like a ten's vestibule
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    Weasel (youngest son) and I improvised an end door for his BMJ a couple of months ago when we were setup camping and the storm looked like it was going to blow right into the end of his tarp.

    Used a mil issue nylon poncho, and a bit of extra mason line to tie it out...took a couple of minutes but didn't require any mods to the tarp. RL, or poncho.

    I've started carrying a couple of extra plastic "grabber clips" in my pack to use for something like this if needed.

    Seems like I could use the poncho as a door, as an overcover, or a number of other uses just by having 4-6 little grabber clips handy to attach it to something else, and a bit of extra mason line to tie down with.

    One other thought...I carry an extra 3mil 55 gal contractor bag that I use as my pack rain cover, floor under the hammock, sit pad, etc... when we're out. Seems like I could use that to cover the other end of my tarp in the same fashion if need be.

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    I like grizz beaks, and would like to find
    A better way to fashion my poncho tarp into
    That same configuration....

    Mainly, find a way of suspension so that
    It isn't so noisy

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