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    Information overload...

    Hi folks,

    I'm a victim of information overload.

    I'm looking to change up my gear and get back into winter camping at the same time. I have a 3-season, 2-person Marmot tent that's 10 pounds and 12 years old and it's time to lose that weight and make a 4-season solo setup at the same time.

    There are a ton of options and I'm losing my mind (actually... )

    • Tent - Can't find a decent 1-person 4-season. I'm not ready to go so hard core as a simple tarp either. Bugs bother me and I like getting them out of my way in the non-winter months.
    • Igloo using the IceBox (http:// - Awesome novelty, really warm, but probably quite difficult to build within a reasonable time as a solo camper. Once you've got it built, that's your home... no trekking around after that. Also doesn't solve my non-winter problem.
    • Bivy - Really simple to set up, light, small footprint. But.. condensation, on the ground, etc...
    • Hammock - Awesome novelty, off the ground, possibility for modularity - i.e. changes from summer to winter. But... man... complicated... and the dreaded widow-maker.

    I've watched the Shug (funny guy... possibly a bit unstable though ) and he's got lines galore, different whosawhatsas and stuff... pads, SPD, over quilt, under quilt... etc... yeah, I know, it doesn't sound like much

    I've looked at HH and the SuperShelter but there's such a mixed bag there... 50% think it's awesome, 50% think it's freezing and stupid. It would be great if the HH/SS combo were "the setup" I could buy and just go.

    The nice thing about tents and bivys is that they're simple. Essentially, just look for a thing, buy it and use it. Is there a simple 4 season hammock setup that'll be simple to pack, deploy, and use that's actually going to work?

    Don't get me wrong, I love the DIY idea and totally get the tinkering that people go through trying to come up with the 'right' thing, but I'm just getting into this and want a solution that doesn't have such a steep entry point just to understand what's going to work. I can't actually figure out what "package" I can use to do what I need. Can someone simplify this problem down for me?

    I live in Waterloo (southern ontario) and camp in Algonquin, the georgian bay area, and northwards from there. It would be really awesome if someone knows of a local person or group I could talk to and/or take a look at some setups in real life.

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    hammock a novelty? I am offended.
    It is a way of life, a passion, for some of us the fire of life itself.

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    I think there are a few things to consider.
    For 3 season, once you set-up a few times, it really isn't that complicated. I use an underquilt and top quilt combination. Works fine and oh the comfort. But you really need to try sleeping in a hammock to make sure you like it. Doesn't work for everybody. As far as widow makers, unless your setting a tent in a field, it the same issue. You look up and be careful. Tent or hammock.
    For winter. It is harder with a hammock to a certain degree. I've been down 9F without much problem. Others have gone way lower. But you need the right gear. I just made a full length winter uq which should be good to at least 0F. Then the weather proofness of you tarp has to considered too, ie doors, width to go to ground.
    But I love the hammock so it's really just tweaking gear for me.
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    we grow old because we stop hiking."

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    Jimmy tarp

    I, myself, just unloaded a 4 season Mountain Hardware Trango 2 that was 7 years old and more weight than I care to admit.
    I also had an AWESOME Bivy for several years. Not once did I ever had a problem with any leaks or condensation. I did, however, nearly suffocate myself by not opening the vent one night and woke up in a panic flailing around like a cartoon character.

    I have recently converted to being a hanger.
    So much so, I have one in my bedroom. It is that comfortable.

    I think Dblcorona said it best when he said it's about tweaking the gear.
    I now have my setup for indoors as well as for outdoors down to 25 degrees F.

    Keep at it. Something will click.

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    Hi Grounder and welkcome,

    Been hammocking for a while though not in 'extreme' colds like many others here.

    If you are looking into a kind of 1 package for all it can be pretty hard/expensive due to all the possibilities, hence your information overload.

    I bought a Speer Peapod when Ed Speer made them, was about to sell it but it will see more action when I get back to colder hanging... in combination with my JRB No Sniveler and optionally another sleeping bag I think I can manage most temps I encounter....either in The Netherlands or Sweden....

    Having said that, and stating that I have NO affiliation with the following people, you could consider a package deal from Wilderness Logic.

    They do a hammock, underquilt, topquilt and tarp. A 3 season setup. You can buy a separate bug net too. Add one or two Grizz beaks and, I think, you have a decent 4 season setup (add another layer of quilt(s)... and all the modularity for the other seasons without too much gear...

    Is that possible? Too much gear?!?!?

    4 season hanging is, just like walking or t#nting a thing of layers....

    For a t#nt: Officially not 4 season but the Hilleberg Akto copes well, even with winter extremes. Relatively lightweight, super quality, but rather pricey too.

    Good luck any which way you go...

    Grtz Johan
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    Thanks a lot for the responses. I'll have to keep hunting, but I must admit, I've been lusting after the Akto for a while and it might just be necessary to take that plunge.

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    I did a winter blog on my site if your interested. See my signature.
    "If you give a monkey a gun and he shoots someone, you dont blame the monkey"

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    Hammocks....lots of options and I have explored most of them to show new folk.
    The Stable Shug uses a hammock, TQ, 3/4 UQ, small footpad and tarp. Comfy and simple to me....after a learning curve.
    The Unstable Shug would be in a tent.
    You'll figure out your way....what is important is to get to the woods and have fun.
    Shug of the Third Person
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    Quote Originally Posted by grounder View Post
    • Igloo using the IceBox (http:// - Awesome novelty, really warm, but probably quite difficult to build within a reasonable time as a solo camper. Once you've got it built, that's your home... no trekking around after that. Also doesn't solve my non-winter problem.
    I built about a half dozen igloos with one of these. They are very novel and a fun activity with a group of scouts, but you are correct, it would be nearly impossible to build one solo. I only add the word nearly because "anything is possible", right?
    We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately. - Ben Franklin
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    I've never slept in a Clark, but with the integrated (XL seems to be best) rainfly, weathershield, and multiple pockets where you can insert stuff for under-insulation, you might want to check out one of their models. no object?

    If you google clark jungle hammock and/or read their many testimonials

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