I have a bunch of these cargo hooks, they weigh 2 ounces each, are made of steel, and are from cargo type vans that have removable seat belt assemblies. These are very strong as they are the hook that attaches seat belts to the floor. They have a 1" slot for a web strap on one end, and a gated hook on the other. I wonder if one is not overly concerned about weight, and wanted to fit an adjustable webbing suspension to the stock ENO rope, if having this hook sewn into a web strap loop would make a nice system that would still be removable.
I have a ENO dbl on the way, and a Warbonnet adjustable webbing set up coming, so I have not tried it yet.
If anyone here wants to look at these, I will send you two for the cost of first class shipping + paypal fees. 3$ total should cover my expenses.