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    Asymmetrical and 3/4 UQ

    I am still learning insulation types and such, and thinking of purchasing a 3/4 UQ. Specifically the 140oz 3/4 flameThrower UQ. The dimensions are 40" X 54". If I am laying asymmetrically do I have enough UQ to cover me at a diagonal lay? I remember some math buffs on the correct me if I am wrong please. I did the Pythagorean theorem on these numbers and got a diagonal length of 67.2". I am 5'6" = 66". Seems like I got enough room yea? I plan on using a black rock pillow too, so I could even subtract my head length knowing the pillow will take care of that. Anyone successfully cover themselves with a 3/4 UQ or am I overlooking something?? Thanks!
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    How about you just lie in your hammock, and measure your "space" that is required. You can always use some foam under your feet, and a pillow if it is too small.


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