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    I'm with dragon on this. I find it easy to expect 6 weeks for a delivery. If I need it by a certain date, I email the vendor to find out if its possible before I order.

    Voted No.

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    I'm on several forums, and it amazes me how much activity is on HF, and how generally positive it manages to be.

    It also amazes me how much excitement there is about the gear - from the decision to the purchase, use, and modification.

    It is also amazing how many clever people have created hammocks and accessories, often sharing their designs and willingness to produce these.

    A few of these people have done it so well, they have gone into business for themselves and have been producing excellent gear at high demand. I too was a bit surprised by the delays on my gear - until I started seeing all of the other purchasers here, generally very happy with their purchase.

    I am now the proud owner of a great 3 season hammock home, and am already planning future purchases, which I will also go slightly nuts waiting for.

    I'll just say to those purchasing for the first time, hang in there.

    If you're still stressed while waiting, I have devised a plan that kind of works for me

    Step 1 - I think of how desperately I'd like to be enjoying a good hang in the woods.

    Step 2 - I think of the person just like me; unable to get out and enjoy a nice day in the woods... cause they're making excellent gear for others to enjoy. Success can be a curse.

    Step 3 - I order early and keep in touch via email.

    It's not hard and I'm grateful that I have such great gear from fellow members here - particularly when I'm such a klutz I could sew my hands together making DIY gear.

    Shout out of thanks to WarbonnetGuy, StormCrow, and Dutch for the great gear and customer service. Feel free to add a couple of days to my future orders if you can get out and enjoy some time outside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pgibson View Post
    With some items taking more time than others and some items being more involved to make at times those items are started one day and completed another. There are just so many variables that one day an order may be completed the same day it's ordered and the same item may take a week to be completed if ordered the next day. Things like just how many orders come in one day versus the next is impossible to account for. We have days with only a few orders then we have days with dozens of orders (I like those ).
    Sounds like a day in the life of HammockGear, too, Paul. Glad we're not the only ones who have crazy days. Those challenges keep us on our toes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sidewinder View Post

    Sure we can research and see what people are saying but often times if there is a problem in wait times we may or may not hear about it. If we do hear about it often times the post is colored and heated by a dissatisfied customer. I for one don't want to be swayed by one or two customers who had a bad experience. Actual purchase date and actual ship date cannot be disputed. If posted without judgement, it's just data with which we as consumers can draw our own conclusions
    Sidewinder, I understand and appreciate your comments. We have learned a lot from posts made on here about any and all vendors. When someone is making unhappy comments about a vendor, we immediately check ourselves to see if we're guilty of it (such as wait times(unavoidable in our specific case, obviously)), etc. While you can't please everyone all of the time, we have to continually improve in every corner of the shop, BECAUSE we are cottage industry. We have a relationship with many of our customers because of the nature of the business. I do not think we would be as nearly successful without the fact that we look at the folks as folks, not numbers. I think that is why some folks get a little personal, because it is in this particular niche. We cottage vendors are sometimes under a microscope, and understandably so.... The HF members' constant feedback, good and bad, will help us determine in which direction to grow........
    ....and it keeps us very, very humble.
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    I got a little heated during my first "Big item" purchase. It was nothing special, just a stock order.
    Right about the time i was ready to blow and cancel my order, one of these threads popped up about the lead time and after the 100 post mark, i realized that i was closer to the front of the line than i thought and that there were 75 people behind me for something i don't have the talent to make myself.

    I still get excited when making a cottage purchase, but i now expect a lead time for these hand made items.

    I'm happy with a 6-8 week lead time because I'll still have it before i would if i wait to DIY
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    I for one do not think this is a good idea. For many of the vendors on here producing gear just a part-time venture. Many hold full time jobs which we all know the demands of. Being small cottage industries stocking of supplies can also be an issue for some. They have neither the money nor space to carry a large inventory of materials or completed stock. Meaning when an order is placed the necssary materials if not on hand have to be ordered. Factor in shipping time, production times and anyone of a hundred other demands on the vendors time. You can easily see why it sometimes takes a while to get the goods you ordered sometimes. You are purchasing handmade quailty gear I would rather have them pay attention to quality rather rushing a putting less than his best efforts to achieve quanity. When dealing with cottage industries patience is a must. At any rate that is my 2 cents.
    I agree with poppabear. I have ordered several times from various suppliers that are all listed, or referenced here on HF. That there alone is enough to make me more patient. I no longer ask for verification. I don't want to waste their valueable time. Once i receive confirmation from PayPal, then i wait. I trust Paypal to have my 6. If you need something in a hurry, or by a certain date, then arrange that when you are ordering.

    PS: Still waiting for my Dutch Buckles! Just kidding, i expect them any day now.

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    FTR... Jacks 'R' Better LLC has a full inventory, thus same or next day shipping is the norm...

    Ounces to Grams. ... Largest supplier of camping quilts and under quilts...Home of the Original Nest Under Quilt, and Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock. 800 595 0413

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    Quote Originally Posted by BearChaser View Post
    If I need it by a certain date, I email the vendor to find out if its possible before I order.
    This is very sound advice and I have done this will a couple of our cottage industry venders. Without exception they have bent over backwards to accommodate me. Our vendors are good down to earth folks and if you make your needs / desires known they will do their best to help you out.

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    With the exception of the anxiety of checking the mailbox everyday my experience has been great vendors so far have no issue telling u what's going on with the order even after u received the products again just my experience so far. we all want what we want right when we want it .... lets pray Walmart doesn't get into the hammock game...LOL..... buying from the forsale forum is another story it will take me quite a while to try that again if at all
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    depends on the vendor. When they say it is in stock but it won't ship for a week something isn't right or they are doing other things instead of taking care of their customers.

    Most if not all vendors let you know upfront what the lead time is and get it out in that time

    Bad service travels quicker than good service
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    It takes time to make custom gear from start to finish.

    While I would like to get everthing I order the next day, I know I is not going to happen, so I wait. If I have a drop dead date on when I need something I will contact the vendor prior to placing the order to find out the lead time for getting the product.

    Right now I am waiting for a TQ I ordered knowing that I will propably not get until late Nov early Dec. I could have gotten one faster from a different vendor but I chose to get one from a certain vendor due to the features and price who told me the approx shipping time and I am happy with that.
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