I am new to the site. I was searching for some items and a past thread came up with the specific items that I am looking for. I was hoping to post this and maybe get lucky. Here are the specifics. I am piecing together a backpacking gear set up based on the USMC ILBE RECON platform. I have the main pack the assault pack, the lid, and the waist belt. I am looking to complete the set and still need the radio pouch, the tail, the original hydration pack, the pack divider, and if possible the recon side pouches. Any info on any of these items would be greatly appreciated. Now to why I'm on this specific thread. I saw an old posting from a couple of months back that had the USMC MarPat Field Tarp and ThermaRest Sleep Pad for sale and would be willing to pay top dollar to obtain. Any leads would be great thanks all.