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    My most recent close call was during a hike. Strong swirling winds knocked a tree down on top of me and buddy sitting on a rock. The wind snapped a tree on the right side of the rock and it was caught in the trees on the left of the rock but the trunk and branches came to a stop directly above our heads approx. 4' from our seated position. Had we been standing on the rock it would have hurt a bit.


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    New to this forum after attending the Holloween Hang in the Deam Wilderness in Indiana. Was a great time (3 nights) with a buch of guys (13). I see that Mule posted pictures. I have been hanging since we started carring net hammocks we bought at Sears in the early 70's. We could not afford a descent tent and thought these 16oz net hammock would lighten our packs. On one of the early trips I carried a 70lb. pack down to the bottom of the Red River Gourge. We knew so little back them.

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    Welcome to hang central! My first hammock was a Hennessy. I think the fabric must be laced with some intoxicating fiber because it sure seems to be addicting once you start.

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