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    Hennessey Ultralight Backpacker FOR SALE


    Hennessey Ultralight Backpacker Hammock, bottom entry Velcro closure, stock.

    I have 2 of these for sale.ONE SOLD! I HAVE ONE LEFT!

    Rigged several times in the back yard, slept in a total of 2 times each. Basically in new condition.

    Why am I selling? While hammocks are indeed far more comfy than the ground, it's just not my and my wife's cup of tea-- in order to reduce weight and bulk, we share our Ray Way shelter and sleep system, which ends up being lighter, less bulky, and cheaper than most hammock setups.

    I'm asking $130, which includes ground shipping CONUS. Feel free to make a fair and realistic offer if you want.

    Thanks for looking,

    P.S. I also have, for sale, 3 JRB 8x8' SilNy tarps that are ideal retrofits to the stock Hennessey ULB tarps-- far better coverage and simpler to rig than the stock tarps, with very, very little weight increase. One has been seam sealed, the other 2 are brand new. I'm asking $60 each, but feel free to make a fair and realistic offer.
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    is it the classic or the zip?

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    They are both Velcro bottom entrance. I'm gonna ad this info to the original post...


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    PM sent to you

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    Reply PM sent. Let's see if we can work something out! If you're a solo camper, I think you'll like hammocking...


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    Come on! This is a good deal on a cool hammock!

    Someone's gotta be interested!!??!?!!


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