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    SOLD: WBBB, poncho liner, fabric (SOLD-CLOSED)

    For sale:

    WBBB 1.1 double, gray, 2010 model, used less than 10 nights, regular setup (feet to right), excellent condition, just washed, new style buckles and almost new straps. Bag modified with red drawstring and orange moisture flaps. Shipping included for lower 48. $160 SOLD & SHIPPED

    Camo specials...not for gram weenies...

    Wiggy's poncho liner, several years old, never used outside, woodland camo, some gross-grain tabs added for some reason or another, don't remember why. $20, you pay shipping. SOLD

    8 Yards x 68" ACU coated fabric. Wallyworld, purchased it to make winter tarp. Think it is poly-coated 1.9 oz nylon, total weight is 44.2 oz (2.93 oz.sq yd). Plus 2-14 1/2' sections of poly webbing, digital grunt pattern, 6 oz. each.
    $16, you pay shipping. SOLD & SHIPPED

    Paypal preferred
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